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    It’s easy to place a listing on an online auction. Anyone can do it. Selling at online auctions is like fishing, it’s fun and sometimes addictive but only when you are catching something. Below are just a few of the many tips to assist sellers in having the best auction experience.

    1. Listing Lessons

    Category selection – Gavel Roads will assist you in placing your item in the proper category. There are several ways to search for items by category type, actual item name and keywords to name a few.

    Research – Take great pains to research the auction site’s terms and agreements and similar products on the website. See how much the starting price is and how much they are selling for.

    It’s all in the timing – Closing times and days are carefully chosen. It’s best to close an auction during peak hours of the day. Bidders will have 30 days to preview each auction and the close will occur during the week. Some higher traffic days are Sunday and Monday nights from about 5 to 10 PM or Saturday and Sunday mornings between 10 AM and 2 PM.

    Be up front and honest – Always disclose the best contact information and transporting instructions. Gavel Roads will provide as much detail as possible. The more information that is shared, the better it will sell.

    2. Visually Speaking

    A picture is worth a 1000 words – Photos from every angle will be posted. The more photos, the better. Buyers feel more comfortable bidding on products they have seen. No matter how descriptive the details are about the item, several photos of the item in the gallery page and on the details page.

    Detailed descriptions – The item descriptions section is the product’s place to shine. This is where the seller should include every detail they can think of about the item, important or otherwise.

    Include the product’s history, any defects, why it’s being sold and stories – Again, people like to know what they are buying. Be honest about cracks, bends, rips and imperfections. Additionally, if the item has a story attached to it, tell the story. This gives the item a personal touch and allows the buyer to know a little something about the seller. People are more likely to buy products from those they feel a connection with rather than strangers.

    Whether you are an experienced or novice consignor, Gavel Roads representatives are here to answer your questions and provide the highest level of service to you. READY, SET, SOLD!